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[Ordos] Purchasing fire inspection fiber SM-FO-309, of course, choose the manufa


  As the online customer service of the fire detection fiber manufacturer--European measurement and control, although it will be exposed to many types of fire detection fiber models every day, it is the most impressive model for the fire inspection fiber SM-FO-309. Because some time ago, there was a middleman customer, Manager Wang, who came to Europa to measure and control, and purchased the fire inspection fiber SM-FO-309 for Erdos Power Plant. We supplied the manager Wang very smoothly according to the model.

  Fire inspection fiber SM-FO-309

  Later, Manager Wang reflected that the user site could not be used. What is going on? After the European instrument measurement and control technology and the Erdos power plant specialization, after detailed communication and understanding, it was found that the model used in the field is not the fire inspection fiber SM-FO-309, but another model; the European instrument measurement and control is produced according to the verified model. After delivery, after installation on site, everything went smoothly and was well received by the experts!

  Fire inspection fiber SM-FO-309

  Taking this opportunity, I also remind everyone that some models that are inquired by the power plant will have some deviations from the models used on the site. Therefore, when purchasing the fire detection fiber, it is necessary to verify or directly provide samples of the fire detection fiber.

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