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Why is the price of flame fiber optic different?


  For those who are not familiar with the fire detection fiber, when purchasing fire detection fiber, the price is often confused. Because the same is the flame inspection fiber optic cable, the price is a world of difference, today, the OYI instrument measurement and control Xiaobian will come to share the reason for everyone.

  Flame inspection fiber optic cable

  Flame inspection fiber optic is just a name. If it is a brand of fire inspection fiber, such as ABB flame inspection fiber optic, the price of this kind of supplier is generally not much different; but like some domestic flame detection fiber optic, the manufacturer is different, even if The same model, the price is also very different. In short, different brands, different models, different manufacturers, have an impact on the price. Therefore, when purchasing fire detection fiber, you should never be confused by the surface, because the price is often the direct standard for judging the quality of the fire detection fiber!

  Flame inspection fiber optic

  OYI has many years of experience in the production of fire inspection fiber. When customers tell us that the price of flame inspection fiber is too high, we will advise customers to compare several. The reason is: many merchants attract customers by low prices, only to see the immediate interests, shoddy, quality is of course not enough. Ouyi measurement and control Xiaobian reminded in this: be sure to polish your eyes, don't be tempted to be cheap, or not worth the loss!
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