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Where is the flame detector? OYI instrument measurement and control


  In the face of the numerous flame detection probes on the network, when you are hesitant to choose which one to choose, you may wish to take a look at the website of the OYI instrument measurement and control. Each of the flame detection probes has been introduced in detail, maybe just right. There is a flame detector that meets your requirements!

  Flame detector

  If the model of the flame detection probe is uncertain, you can also tell your technical requirements to the OYI instrument measurement and control technicians. The technicians will select the flame detection probes for the best on-site conditions according to the working conditions of your site.

  Flame detector

  The flame detection probe produced by OYI is a professional technical team of OYI instrument measurement and control with many years of research and development experience. It is combined with a large number of meticulous experimental research. Mainly used in pipeline burners, industrial gas burners, ignition systems for refinery equipment, low NOx burners, exhaust units and incinerators. Huaneng, Huadian and other domestic power plants are in use, the quality is stable and reliable, and has been highly praised by users!
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