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Product Description

  Product Description: Supporting DURAG double detection flame detection fiber OYI instrument measurement and control YXD700 double detection flame detection fiber
  Product details:
  OYI measurement and control YXD700 double detection (IR+UV) flame inspection fiber, is a professional technical team with many years of R & D experience, combined with optoelectronic technology experts, through several detailed experimental research and analysis. Research and production of YXD700 dual detection (IR + UV) flame detection fiber.
  The double-detection flame detection fiber combines the characteristics of the infrared flame detection fiber and the ultraviolet flame detection fiber, and has strong practicability.
  [YXD700 double detection (IR+UV) flame detection fiber series technology and technology]
  A unique process using proprietary technology from Euromonitor.
  [YXD700 double detection (IR+UV) flame detection fiber series product features]
  High temperature resistance, light transmittance and stability
  [Application of YXD700 double detection (IR+UV) flame detection fiber series products]
  The application units are located in many power plants, and the quality is stable and reliable, which has won unanimous favorable comments from users.
  [YXD700 double detection (IR+UV) flame detection fiber product parameters]

Description OYI Type Remarks
Infrared (Visible) Flame Detection Optical Fiber YXD700-IR-XXXX  
IR&UV Flame Detection Optical Fiber YXD700-UV&IR-XXXX XXXX-length
Accessories of Flame Detection Optical Fiber Outer casing (flexible) YXD700-1 1-Flexible
Outer casing (rigid) YXD700-2 2-Rigid

  [YXD700 double detection (IR + UV) flame inspection fiber series ordering instructions]
  1. Product model or parameter
  2. Provide non-standard parameters for production
  3. Provide samples for reference production

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